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Sunna was inspired by current skincare trends involving sunscreen on the lips. However what I imagine a sustainable sunscreen lip balm brand would look like, as many SPF brands use harsh chemicals to bless us with UV protection. Unlike other clean brand trends, I wanted to create a concept that is still colorful and fun, not neutral and minimalist in design. The brand name was inspired by the Nordic goddess name Sunna, instead without correlation to Nordic mythology or design. I wanted sunna to reflect both a balance of sunrise and sunset to play on the idea that the SPF in the product was everlasting throughout the day. I kept the logo and packaging experience somewhat minimal like other sustainable packaging trends but colorful fun and bold in other ways.  I tried to keep the flavor of the lip balm rather secondary to focus more on the SPF aspect but had them remain part of the overall idea. I enjoyed how this concept played out as it tested a lot of my ability to develop a sound design and incorporate photoshop skills involving humans. 

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