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Everyone's right of passage comes at different stages in one's life. In my case, it was growing up in New York City and developing caffeine dependency at 13 years old. I've been in love with coffee for many years and was always inspired by the creative coffee labels and packaging throughout my entire life, many of the time it was the packaging that played the biggest role in my decision-making when figuring out what kind of joe I wanted in a cup. 

Psion coffee is inspired by the added magic coffee brings into my life. Psion is described as the psychic phenomenon and basis of magic in many fictional worlds. Coffee is the basis of magic to me. It gets my day started so I can make things happen. I wanted this packaging to be illustrative, fun, whimsical, colorful, and bold as well as unconventional in its flavors. I implemented a flower blend coffee concept, taking different flowers and their properties and coming up with this idea. Blue Lotus has psychedelic and creative enhancing properties, Rose has medicinal properties and Lavender has calming properties, I thought these properties would be perfect in a cup of coffee and perfect to add to the packaging experience. What do you think?

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